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Sounds like my divorce


This signifies the components of a very deep thinker. Someone who is both connected to the ins and outs of realistic thought and the patterns and mechanics of reality tied in with quirky, creative and sometimes irrational thought processes.

This is a personality very concerned with human kind an…

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Anonymous: i will miss you. seriously.. french or not. i think u are a great lady, life is great,, you are great... pita jungle... you have made me happy... from afar...your friend from overseas...

You’ve never met me. You never said hello. That’s nobody’s fault but your own. An anonymous admirer is not as charming as you would think

Hey guys, I’m not on here much anymore but I’m always on twitter @ceimnice


Celine and Julie Go Boating by Jacques Rivette, 1974, is one of my new favorite films. I recommend you watch it. 

Print by Tauba Auerbach

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an informative flowchart for u 

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Obsessed with this shit right now

Anonymous: If I told you I liked you, what would you do?

why would you send this anonymously?


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